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No refunds. Except if the event is cancelled by the event host.

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Any paid registration can be transferred to another individual.

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Group registration is available to groups of 5+. Registration must be completed at the same time. Please contact for details. 

The Merge Faith +
Mental Health Summit
What Is The Merge?

The Merge: Faith + Mental Health Summit is a 2-day event that will be hosted in Peoria, AZ at Huntington University. This event will focus on:  strategies, trainings, and solutions regarding mental health in the faith-based community.

Our guest speakers are mental health practitioners, subject matter experts, and ordained clergy. This summit is unique because we address the natural and the spiritual aspects of mental health. We believe in all people being healthy body, soul, and spirit [Ref: I Thess 5:23, 3 John 1:2].


This event is hosted by D'Andrea Bolden. D'Andrea Bolden holds a B.S. in Psychology and an M.A. in Counseling. She is a prolific writer, ordained clergy, and the author of several books including: Deliverance + Mental Health (2018).

Why The Merge?

There is an urgent need for trainings, teachings, and strategies concerning mental health in the faith-based community. From the pulpit to the pews people are battling anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and even addiction. Sadly, within the church a lack of understanding, stigma, and even shame have caused clergy and laity alike to suffer in silence. 


Our endeavor with this conference is to bridge the gap between faith and mental health in a way that will help leaders, laity, and mental health providers have strategies, tools, and resources that will impact their homes, communities, and churches. Registrants can anticipate anointed worship, prolific speakers, personal ministry,training sessions, networking opportunities and more.