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Ready to publish your book, reach your goals as an author, and save a lot of money in the process?

Have you been struggling to publish your book or need to finish working on building your audience?

I have learned over the years that success does not look the same for every author. For some authors, being successful is just being able to see their book in print form. For other authors success could be distributing their book online and getting their final product on store shelves. The purpose of this class is to walk you through all the steps to help make your idea of success a reality. Ready to get started?

The Problem

  • Shady publishing companies

  • Being overcharged by thousands of dollars

  • Paying upwards of $15,000 with no ROI

  • Being forced to pay for packages with services that you do not want or need

  • Companies over promising and under delivering

  • Wasting thousands of dollars

  • Putting money down and being ghosted

  • Bad advice and outdated information

  • Unsure how to get your book project complete

The Solution

The Module Breakdown

Module 1: Writing Tips + Publishing Options
Finish your manuscript and know what you need to do next
Module 2: Mapping out the process
I will take the time to share everything you need to do from start to finish. I will also share my proven resources with you
Module 3: Publishing must haves
Sooo you wrote a best-seller?!? Well there are something you have to do correctly in this publishing world
Modeule 4: Buildling Your Author Platform + deliverables
Your best seller will never be read if you do not have an audience that is ready to purchase your book. Plus I will show you what you need to have in your arsenal as an author
Module 5: How to market your book for your genre and audience.
Everybook is unique we will dive into how you can best market your book for your audience.
Module 6: Book Distribution. How you can get your book in bookstores
and on major retailer website

So many people want to get their books on store shelves. Well I will show you how I was able to do this.
Module 7: Presales and Book Launch
Let's go over everything you need to do release your book title for pre-sales and to launch your book on your release date
Module 8: Printing, post publishing maintenance, and the power of your book
I will help you prepare for the long haul as an author and show you how to leverage your book.
Module 9: Book Publishing and Book Launching Checklist
I will ensure that you have everything you need to publish and launch your book the correct way the first time.

What Others Say

Although I had recently published a book I wanted to learn and empower myself to self-publish. In the past, I worked with an agent and left everything up to her to handle but during the process, I sensed there were things I could learn for myself. I was right. Thanks to this workshop I was able to learn from DAndrea the ins and outs of publishing. To begin with she wanted to know our goals for publishing which I believe was an excellent way to begin, throughout the workshop it helped her to customize things for each person. I loved that she broke down each step and provided a wealth of information for each step which meant you have the flexibility based on your personal goal to pursue the resources of your choice. I was not overwhelmed as she took her time to explain the process and she put great emphasis on information and ideas that are very important. She genuinely wants to see each person become the best author they can be and that was refreshing to hear. From writing, editing, printing, and marketing to a global community there is so much to learn about publishing and she covered all the bases and offered us the opportunity to ask more in-depth questions at the end. In fact, I was shocked that she offered all this information for such a low price. Anyone who is looking to self-publish and would like someone with a growing brand, skills, experience, and patience should definitely consider taking this workshop. You will be not be disappointed.

Chiquita T.

Before taking the self-publishing DIY class, I was constantly worried about what I was going to do once I completed my books. After taking the class I was motivated to continue writing and Mrs. Bolden’s class gave me to confidence to push forward and continue writing and not limit the genres I choose. She even answered questions that I had never spoken out loud to anyone but God. I loved how generous Mrs. Bolden was with the information that was provided and the fact she was willing to continue to support her students and ensure that we are set up to win. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has a desire to write books but unsure of what to do once your manuscript is complete.

Heather L., 

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