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Prophets + Mental Health

Many times it is hard for people to recognize mentally ill prophets. Prophets by nature are odd, loners, spontaneous and can be inspired by their environment. Because they are extremely different and unique by nature many prophets go unquestioned regardless of bizarre and erratic behavior. They are able to mask and even conceal the signs of mental health issues by magnifying their gifts and validating themselves through prophetic accuracy. Because many don't realize that everything they experience is not God or a part of the call and processing of prophetic people.

Mentally ill prophets that are experiencing untreated mental health related symptoms such as psychosis can be dangerous in a church setting as they might struggle to differentiate or soberly discern their voice and the voice of the Holy Spirit from the voice of the enemy. Psychosis can cause confusion to the mind and a break from "reality". Sometimes the prophets that we feel are component and reliable are also some of the most broken and tormented people in private. Prophets need healing, Deliverance and counseling like anyone else. They are not superhuman or exempt from mental health issues. Below is a short live vide o discussing Prophets and Mental Health.

My prayer is that God would bring healing, comfort and Deliverance to every broken, wounded, and tormented prophetic vessel.

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