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Rise of the Deliverers

Kings Rise and Fall!

Leaders Rise and Fall!

Kingdom Rise and Fall!

Nations Rise and Fall!

History and the bible has shown us that kings, kingdoms, leaders and even nations FALL!! Many of the aforementioned believed they were invincible and that they would remain in their position of power/authority or influence for an indefinite amount of time. They became lifted up with pride and were too arrogant to realize that they were caught up in their; strength, notoriety, influence, power, and riches. Nothing is more sobering than knowing that God can take platforms, riches, wealth, anointing, strength, influence, and power from one and hand it over to another. Pride is one of the main reasons for kings, kingdoms, leaders and nations will fall.

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. - Proverbs 16:18

When a fall comes for one king, kingdom, leader or nation another one rises up. We are in a season where God is removing and pulling down leaders, platforms, circles of influence, and even ministries and will raise up another to replace it. As this shift and transformation takes place God is releasing and raising up deliverers. These delivers have the anointing and grace to bring masses of people out of bondage. For many of God's people have been stifled by deception, manipulation and confusion and some leaders have taken advantage of this instead of trying to deliver God's people out of bondage.

Sadly, there are false leaders in the body of Christ across the globe that have abused God's sheep in everywhere possible. They have benefited off the frailty, ignorance and vulnerability of God's sheep. But the Lord has heard and seen this travesty and is releasing delive