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5 Reasons We Need More Balanced Deliverance Teachings

For those that might not know deliverance ministry is a very important aspect to many that are born again believers in Jesus Christ. Deliverance is simply the supernatural power of God that breaks the power of demonic forces operating in the lives of God's people. There are countless testimonies across the globe of how God delivered people from drug and alcohol addiction or even other ungodly practices. So there is plenty of proof in the pudding and great examples in the scriptures as it relates to the ministry of deliverance.

I am a product of deliverance as well as a Christian minister that has been trained to flow in deliverance. But over the years I have noticed and become more aware of a number of dangerous and outlandish teachings as it relates to deliverance and spiritual warfare. Typically history will show that whenever something "new" is introduced to the body of Christ we will see extremism or people taking things too far in one direction.

This is true and can be seen a lot with deliverance teachings. I am seeing too many believers living on edge afraid of demons "attaching to them" at any given moment or feeling that they must engage in constant spiritual warfare. It is sad to see Christians spend more time binding demons than sharing the gospel, praying or even thanking God for His goodness.

Below I have listed 5 reasons we need balanced deliverance teachings:

1. The emphasis has been taken off of Christ and His redemptive work. Many are so engaged in battling the "enemy" constantly they never rest and acknowledge the miraculous works of Christ, and the authority we have as believers. The hyper-deliverance teachings have people fearful of demonic attacks at all times. When people have that type of mindset my response is what was the point in Jesus dying on the cross if I have to peek over my shoulde