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4 Things Christians are Doing Wrong on Social Media

If you are reading this you probably saw this posted on social media. So it should be obvious that social media is very popular and powerful. Because the popularity of social media has skyrocketed over the years it is no shock that hundreds of millions of people use social media on a regular basis. Social media has been used for a lot of impactful and positive things over the years. I have seen strangers use social media as a platform to bring awareness to causes and efforts to help others that are in need. But like with many other things there is also a lot of instances where social media is used for reasons that are not as pleasant.

Social media by itself is lifeless and is empty but it is you and I that give social media a "personality" and bring it to life. When I hear people make statements like, "social media is evil" I understand what they are saying but in reality its not so much that the social media platform itself is evil but the way that someone decided to use it. As an example preachers around the globe are able to use social media to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. No matter what it is once you click "post" on your favorite social media platform your message is able to reach masses of people.

Sadly in the church not everyone is using social media for the right reasons or with the right motives. Below I list a few reasons to evaluate your why's as it relates to using social media.

1. Using social media like an online diary. Not only is this unhealthy I have seen the embarrassment and regret people have had from airing their dirty laundry online while being angry or frustrated. I always suggest that people consider therapy, journaling or even both if they are dealing with issues that are causing them considerable distress over time. I would rather see people go to professional therapy which is completely confidential or even try journaling so that they are able to express their thoughts and even "vent" without the worry of the world knowing their deepest and darkest secrets. Although people will click like, comment or even inbox you very rarely do people ever care. In some cases people are just simply being entertained or even laughing at your pain.