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3 Misconceptions About Prophetic Activations

Over the past 10+ years I have seen the inclusion of prophetic activations in prophetic training increase significantly. I have seen a lot of great prophetic trainings and some that are not so great. But one thing I have noticed is that some people misconstrue the purpose of prophetic activations. Below I have listed 3 misconceptions that some have about prophetic activations

1. Confirmation of being a Prophet - Some people have falsely believed that being activated in the prophetic is the same as being confirmed as a prophet or that being activated can make them a prophet. Being a prophet is a not a choice it is God's plan for an individual even before they are birthed from their mother's womb. Therefore, no prophetic activation or laying of hands can give you a call that God does not have for your life.

2. You get the grace of the trainer - Some people expect to be able to prophesy at the exact same capacity and measure of the person training them. This is why some want to be trained and receive an impartation from specific prophets in hopes they will be able to operate EXACTLY like them. Prophetic activations will not give you a grace that you do not have. This is why some people want to be "activated" over and over because they expect to operate like the person training them. For example, a person that is not a prophet will not get the grace of the prophet that is training them.

3. You are Ready for Prophetic Ministry - It is dangerous to train people in the prophetic that have never been discipled. We have empowered way too many people to flow in the prophetic with no regard for their readiness. It is a blessing to be able to accurately hear the voice of the Lord but this is not the same as being equipped, processed, and ready to be released in ministry.


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