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3 Reasons You Might Be Receiving the Same Prophetic Word

I can remember in various seasons of my life receiving the exact same prophetic word over and over. I mean no matter where I went or who was prophesying I would get the same word. Sometimes this would really agitate me but eventually the Lord allowed to recognize why I was receiving the same word over and over. So I thought I would share three reasons that I personally have received the same word on multiple occasions.

1. Confirmation. Many times God will allow you to receive the same word multiple ways and even through multiple people so that what He has spoken is confirmed. This can also increase your faith concerning what the Lord has spoken.

2. Being resistant/ not receiving what has been spoken. This happened to me for years I kept receiving the same word over and over and it would make me upset because I didn't want to receive what was spoken. I was resistant and unwilling to accept what God was declaring over my life. Eventually I accepted this word and received what God was saying for my life.

3. Lack of action. Prophetic words can require action on our part. Ask yourself is God saying this to me over and over because I have not done my part? In the past when I have been dragging my feet and simply not responding to what God was saying that same word would continuously be spoken to me.

This list is not exhaustive but this is a quick blog and I hope this helps someone along the way.


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