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Dear Christian, Meditation is for You!

Meditation in many ways has become quite popular and is openly promoted. However, most of what is being promoted as meditation is not biblical meditation. What I mean is that although other belief systems embrace meditation they are not participating in meditation the way we should as believers.

The bible has more than 20 scriptures referring to meditation but this is not something being spoken about a lot in churches. In fact, many believers shun meditation because they immediately equate it to forms of mysticism and other new age practices and teachings. This is why we need to know the Word and what God says in His word about meditation.

Meditation is not simply sitting around emptying our minds and letting any random thing fill it instead it is in the intentional practice of filling our minds with the word of God.

I. So what is meditation?

Here are 2 Hebrew words and 1 Greek word for meditation

hâgâh (H1897) haw-gaw'

  1. Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance – Definition: To murmur (in pleasure or anger); to ponder, imagine, meditate, mourn, mutter, roar, speak, study, talk, utter

śı̂ychâh (H7881) see-khaw'

  1. Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance – Definition: Reflection, devotion, meditation, prayer