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Faith + Mental Health: Bridging the Gap

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

One of the hardest things for many people to understand is that two things can be true at the exact same time. This is why a person can be a Spirit-filled believer and have a therapist. You can love God and still have unresolved trauma. Not sure why we have gotten this mindset that it is either one or the either and not both. I am pretty sure we can all realize that believers are not exempt from hurt, pain, disappointment, stress, or any other issue of life. And they are also not exempt from the need to heal and go through the journey and process of recovering from pain. This is why therapy is a good opportunity for people to have the chance to process their emotions, learn to cope, get to the root of the issue and heal.

Please understand that going to therapy does not mean you are not a Christian or that you lack faith in God. In fact it means that you are smart enough to realize you need help so that you can live that abundant life that Christ wants you to have (Ref: John 10:10b). We serve a wise God that knows that in this life we will need help. And sometimes that help comes in the form of a counselor, therapist, psychologist or even psychiatrist.

The notion that we should just continue to suffer in silence is why so many Christians are absolutely miserable. We might find that if people are mentally and emotionally healthy they might be in a better position to show the love of God and be an asset to the body of Christ. Then we might finally stop expecting the best out of people even though they are not at their best? Mental health issues do not discriminate based on your spiritual belief system. So, if we truly understand this we must be diligent in bridging the gap between faith and mental health.

I personally can say that I am excited to bridge the gap between faith and mental health by hosting a one of a kind event. This event is, The Merge: Faith + Mental Health Summit and will convene April 24-25, 2020 at Huntington University in Peoria, AZ. Details about this event are listed below or you can log on to

What Is The Merge?

The Merge: Faith + Mental Health Summit is a 2-day event that will be hosted in Peoria, AZ at Huntington University. This event will focus on: strategies, trainings, and solutions regarding