What is God saying NOW!

Below I am sharing snippets of prophetic insights and prayer points I have shared publicly. Every thing is clickable the first section is FB statuses but for detailed information I have

shared links to videos in the second section.

Somethings have more details in videos that are linked below. The FB statuses are very straight forward and short again more details are in videos especially video #1 be sure to watch it and share!

I. FB Statuses

  1. Pray against mass power outages

  2. Prepare for a food shortage

  3. Here is a list of things to Stock Up On

  4. Grow Your Own Food

  5. Opportunity In Real Estate

  6. Real Estate Price Drops

  7. Stock Market Proceed with Caution

  8. Another Virus

  9. Contaminated Food

  10. Keep an Eye on the 2020 Holiday Season

  11. Apply Wisdom

  12. Pray Against a Reign of Terror

  13. Pray for the State of Louisiana

  14. Pray About Plans for International Travel

  15. 2020 Election

  16. Racism will be Exposed in the Pulpit

  17. Early Release for Prisoners

  18. Pray against Pandemonium

  19. There is a Changing of the Guards

  20. God is destroying idols

  21. God is Purifying

  22. Pray Against Sudden Chaos

  23. Great Weeping and Awakening

  24. Pray for Children Being Targeted

  25. Wealth Transfer

  26. Season of Transition

  27. AI and Advanced Technology Coming

  28. Persecution is Coming

  29. Overt Racism and Aggression

  30. Christian Book Publishers

  31. Fake Christian Books

  32. Beware of False Teachings

  33. Pray Against War [Go to the 13:00 minute mark this is a video]

  34. Pray Against Old Systems and Ways Trying to Rise

  35. Pray Against Spiritual Implosion

  36. Pray Against Distraction So God's People Can See and Hear

  37. Pray for College Students that Might Need to Switch Schools

II. Videos

***Please watch the videos in their entirety they are not long I don't do super long videos***

1. This video goes in depth with some of the things I shared in the list above and also shares somethings I did not post on this blog be sure to watch this. Start at 7 minutes

2. This video discusses things I did not put on the list above but are very very relevant for now.

3. This video is a few years old but still is relevant and releases a lot of things concerning the body of Christ. Start at 5 minutes

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