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The purpose of this book is to show, biblically, how God speaks to people through dreams and to make the reader more aware of how God speaks to them in dreams. This is a book to help readers begin to understand more about dreams and the purpose for them in their lives. This is not a book about dreams that will list a bunch of prophetic symbols and their meanings. The reason being is, after people look up various symbols and their meanings, many times they are still unable to find a definition that makes sense for their dreams. Dreams are not one size fits all and neither is the interpretation of those dreams. This book will also show the reader how to govern and respond to their dreams. We can no longer dream and get interpretations then pat ourselves on the back; but we must learn to move in the dream realm and respond to what God is saying. Dreams are so powerful, and they can yield strong messages, ideas, and even divine strategies.

Readers Will Learn About:

-The Purpose of Dreams

-Different Types of Dreams

-Dream Interpretation

-Dreams and innovation

-Dreams and mental health

-Governing Your Dreams

-Dreams and spiritual warfare

-And much more

The Dream Realm: Unlock, Interpret + Govern Your Dreams

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