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5 Ways the Prophetic is Being Misused

The prophetic is powerful and when flowing from a pure place lives are changed, people are healed, many are delivered, and hearts will turn towards the Lord. However, somewhere along the way as the prophetic has been embraced more in the church the appropriate teaching has not always implemented. Strong biblical teachings that will ensure that people have an understanding of how God speaks and His true heart and intent for the prophetic. Believers must have a strong biblical foundation so that they are not misled, manipulated, or completely bamboozled.

Because accurate information can be mesmerizing for many it is important to realize that there are some that are using the prophetic in ways that are in disagreement with God's word. A lot of people are desperate and will overlook inconsistencies, and red flags as long as they are receiving what they believe is valid divine information. This attitude has allowed an influx of false teachers and phony prophets to infiltrate the Church while many are unaware and clueless.

Below I have listed 5 ways that the prophetic is currently being misused.

1. Sowing Seeds of Discord - I cannot tell you how many times people have used discernment, a bad feeling, or a dream/vision to plant subtle seeds against other believers under the guise of prophetic warnings and counsel. It's sad but true that people have and do plant seeds of discord passing it off as being prophetic. Wicked people have caused many to turn away and against people that they should have embraced.

2. Control - The prophetic should point God's people back to Him and not towards the vessel. It is unfortunate that people will use their prophetic abilities to control other people especially those that lack confidence and do not hear God for themselves. Naive people that have itching ears are prime candidates to this type of manipulation. Some leaders will insist that no one hears from God better than they do. They will tell people that they cannot and are not hearing from God in order to keep God's people reliant on them. This type of abuse is why many give up on the prophetic, or even leave the faith.