Ministry Request FAQ's
Q:What is your honorarium requirement?
A: There is not a set or required amount for honorarium. Please communicate what honorarium amount is anticipated based on your budget.
Q:What do your require for out of city or out of state travel?
A:Any event location further than 4 hours one way requires a round trip plane ticket and hotel accommodations.
If the event is within driving distance the cost of car rental and/or fuel needs to be reimbursed.
Q:Do you require an honorarium for online/or teleconferences?
A: No*. Love gifts are optional.
* There are exceptions
Q:Do you bring your products with you to live events?
A:Yes. Please allot space for DBM products to be setup.
Q: Do you have any other specific needs to minister?
A: No. If something is needed the event host will be notified.

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