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Join the Black Health Book Launch Team

Hello friends! 👋👋


I am thrilled to invite you to be a part of something special—my book launch team for the upcoming release, "Black Health." This upcoming work explores vital topics in health and wellness within the Black community, offering insights, empowerment, and a roadmap for a healthier and brighter future.


Why Become a Part of the Launch Team?


Exclusive Freebies:

  1. Free Copy of the Book: As a launch team member, you'll receive an early printed copy of "Black Health" in January before it hits the shelves.

  2. Complimentary T-Shirt: Wear your support proudly with an exclusive team T-shirt shipped directly to your doorstep.

  3. You are invited to be a part of a private book launch party just for the book launch team


Make an Impact Behind the Scenes:

  1. Provide Feedback: Your thoughts matter! Engage with the author and fellow team members in our private Facebook group. Share your insights, questions, and thoughts about the book.


Take Action During Launch Week:

  1. Purchase the Launch Day E-book: It is expected that team members purchase a e-book copy for just $0.99 on the day of the launch. This not only supports the project but also gives you a tangible stake in the launch's success. (Note: All launch team members receive a free printed copy and this was mentioned above)

  2. Post-Launch Reviews: With your paperback copy in hand, leave an honest review on Amazon. Your opinion can shape the narrative and encourage others to explore "Black Health."

  3. Take a photo of yourself with the book, share on social media and tag me! Use the Hashtag #blackhealthbook


Amplify Your Voice:

You will need to Choose Your Platform to amplify your voice and share the importance of "Black Health" with your network:

  1. Social Media: Share the book cover, your thoughts, or a favorite quote (quote should be 30 words or less) on your social media platforms.

  2. Blog Post: Craft a blog post on your website, sharing your perspective on "Black Health" and why it's a must-read.

  3. Podcast Interview: If you have a podcast, I’d love to share the insights from "Black Health" with your audience.

  4. LinkedIn Article: Write an article on LinkedIn discussing the importance of health advocacy within the Black community and why this book matters.


Ready to Join?

If you're passionate about health, wellness, and making a positive impact, we want you on our launch team! Click here to fill out our application. Ensure it's completed thoroughly to be considered.

Let's unite to make "Black Health" a catalyst for positive change. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Stay well,


D’Andrea Bolden, MA

Author, "Black Health"

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