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Let's talk about Health, Wellness, and the Prophetic
This virtual Holistic Prophetic Mentorship Program is an initiative to create healthy spaces to heal, grow, and mature in the things of God.

There are only 3 objectives:

  1. Coaching prophetic people to total health

  2. Discipling healthy people to mature in their faith and walk with Christ

  3. Modeling healthy community and creating a safe space for prophetic people to grow and collaborate.

This is a unique virtual mentorship opportunity that is focused on you being healthy and whole so that you can fulfill your prophetic destiny. I am here to serve as a catalyst for you to walk into your next season healed and whole. 

We have seen enough unhealthy prophetic gifts on display, so this is all about growth, transformation and maturing in the faith. Ultimately the goal is to equip, train, and build healthy ministry gifts that are not only prophetic but also healthy and well from the inside all the way to the outside. 


  • 2 Live Monthly Video = Prayer, teaching, and training to equip prophetic people. Emphasis on healing, deliverance, a strong biblical foundation, and a healthy balanced life. 

  • Strategies for you to win in every aspect of life.

  • Virtual and Hybrid Events

  • Guest Speakers

  • Opportunities to volunteer and serve 

  • Donate what is comfortable for you and receive 90 day access*

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