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Happy Mother’s Day?!?

Updated: May 8, 2022

Mother’s Day is a day full of emotions. For some it is emotions of happiness and excitement but for others it is emotions of sadness and heaviness. Some people get all excited about this annual day while others greatly dread it.

I want to say while I am blessed to be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with my own mother and children on today I acknowledge and recognize others do not have this privilege. I am aware that many hearts are heavy and people are hurting.

I understand there are many reasons people are not happy and do not want to celebrate this day so I want to specfically share a few.

Today I want to encourage the following :

  • Every mother that has lost a child

  • Every child that has lost their mother

  • Every mother who has incarcerated children

  • Every child with incarcerated mothers

  • Every mother that is struggling with the aftermath of abortion, adoption, or losing their parental rights

  • Every mother that lost their child due to violence and/or addiction

  • Every child that was given up for adoption, put in foster care, or never knew their birth mother.

  • Every child that does not have a healthy relationship with their mother due to abuse, addiction and extreme toxicity

  • Every mother that does not have a healthy relationship with their child due to abuse, addiction, and extreme toxicity

  • Women struggling with infertility

  • women that have suffered miscarriages

  • Women that have had a stillbirth

The list can go on and on but this is just a start. If you or someone else you know is struggling on Mothers Day please reach out to Faith Solutions to Mental Health


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