Author. Entrepreneur. Speaker.

Mental Health Advocate. Strategist

D'Andrea is a prolific writer and emerging prophetic voice. She is a sought-after speaker and event host with a mandate to point people back to Christ. D'Andrea has earned a bachelor's degree in psychology; chemistry, a master's degree in counseling and is currently in the process of completing a master's degree in medical sciences (2021).

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Allow this short devotional to help shift your mental focus and clarity. Consider this to be a simple tool to help you on the road to being refreshed, renewed, and restored. This book is a 15-day journey to intentionally pursue a mental reset.

Mental Reset is not only a devotional but it also doubles as a journal that allows you to write down your thoughts, favorite scriptures, and other special notes over the next 15 days.



The Faith and Mental Health Podcast is the place where two worlds collide. Join myself and others as we have engaging conversation on a variety of topics related to faith and mental health. Be sure to tune in weekly. 

Did you know that this podcast is available on all major podcast platforms
such as Apple, Google, Stitcher and also YouTube?   

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P.S. I am always looking for topic ideas and new guest suggestions.  


It's a Lifestyle!



Many have expressed interest in working with me as they prepare to write and launch their book, build an author platform, create a DIY brand, or if they are simply stuck somewhere along the way. 

I have made the process very easy, the first step is to simply click the button below. Then you will promptly select the date, time, and the type of service you desire. 

I am so excited that you are choosing me as your strategist and I cannot wait to work with you! 


The Prayer Experience
About the Prayer Experience
The Prayer experience is a collection of prophetic prayers for prophet people. Feel free to listen while you are driving, lounging, exercising, or anytime throughout your day. This prayer album was created to be a blessing so please enjoy it for free but if you would like to sow a seed please click HERE


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