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The Magic Show: Deception In Ministry

Magic shows are becoming popular again. And one of the most "secret" aspects of magic is that things are never what they truly appear to be. Although entertaining to many people it brings the phrase "smoke and mirrors" to life. In fact this phrase comes from the magicians and illusionist that used real smoke and mirrors to fool their audiences. Smoke and mirrors simply put is a way to deceive the audience in to believing one thing while concealing and hiding the truth. Hiding the truth is important because if people are no longer deceived the magic show is over.

Well it is time for the Magic Show to come to an end in the church. The non-stop entertainment, soulish "preaching", constant distractions and smoke and mirrors in the church is downright sad. I have never seen a day when people seemed to be mesmerized and under a "magic spell" completely infatuated with their favorite ministry leaders. Awhile back I released a prophetic warning about cults and cult leaders becoming more prominent again. As of today we are prime for this to begin happening on a large scale. Right now we see people changing their last name to the name of their leader and many act as if its totally normal. I am well aware that many will read this warning and scoff just like many scoffed when warned to stop following Jim Jones. A love for anyone should not cause you to become blind and unable to accept truth.

A few weeks back I had a dream about apostles handing out tarot cards to the people. But even before this dream I have been warning people that many of their favorite apostles and prophets are operating from a familiar spirit. Cued "falling on the altar", rehearsed praise breaks, fake prophecies, false testimonies to provoke financial giving and the list goes on. I even had a dream of apostles releasing full blown heresy through books. You can't blindly amen stuff just because you like a person or follow their ministry. What will it take for people to wake up and run to God? It grieves me deeply that people have become addicted and reliant on ministry gifts. 5-fold ministers are NOT a replacement for you being connected with your Heavenly Father. They have a purpose but being "GOD" is not the purpose.

How long will we see the next big conference as our breakthrough while negating personal time in fasting and prayer? How long will we spend all of our time and our money trying to be equipped to be a prophet to the nations while neglecting our marriage and families (only to blame the devil)? How long will we sit on FB live while never opening our bibles? How long do we act like Je